Issue 79

Issue 79

Great Summer Reading

Rob-Portrait351Most of you know that putting out the eZine is just part of my job. I am also the editor of the Woodworker’s Journal print magazine. Our July/August issue has just arrived on the newsstand (all of you subscribers — thank you so much — have yours in hand already), and I want to take this opportunity to recommend it to you. While it’s my belief that the whole issue is a strong one (I’m a bit prejudiced, I’ll admit), there are two projects that I really want to draw your attention to. The Arts and Crafts wine cabinet is a fine piece of work and would be equally useful as a dining room “hutch” (as we say here in the Midwest). And Bill Hylton’s computer desk should be of significant interest to all the technological sophisticates in the eZine audience. It combines a solid woodworking project with a bunch of cool gizmos to help organize your computer work area.

So, if you don’t have a copy, be sure to pick one up: it will make for some great summer reading.

— Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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  • Dissolving Old Glue

    I have a wood armchair, which was previously repaired, but not well. I would like to take the chair apart at the glued junctures and repair it properly. What is the best way to dissolve the old glue?

  • Does a Jointer Complete the Shop?

    I am a novice at woodworking. I have a table saw, a table router, and a cordless drill. What exactly does a jointer add to a shop? I have not even settled on what projects I wish to do.

  • Pesticide for Stored Furniture Lumber?

    I recently saw an episode of a nationally televised woodworking show in which the host said lumber should be treated with pesticide before being placed in storage.

  • Filling Pin Knotholes?

    I’m building a Shaker-style crossbuck table out of cherry. On the top surface of the table there are several pin knotholes of 1/16″ diameter or less. What is the best way to fill these holes?