Issue 837

Issue 837

What are Your Rockler Faves?

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One of the many good things about working for Rockler is that I see new products coming to market long before they appear in the catalog, stores or online. Rockler’s product development team feeds that rich pipeline of new blue gizmos, and those guys are always coming up with great ideas to make our woodworking easier, safer, more accurate and fun! Over the years, some of those items have become personal favorites. I can’t imagine carrying out a glue-up without reaching for a silicone glue brush or one of the various glue paddles. My Rockler Tablesaw CrossCut Sled is first-rate, and I love the convenience of the 3-in-1 Cabinet Scraper Sharpening Tool. I could go on here, but I’d much rather hear from you! What Rockler products top your list and get called into service regularly in your shop? Please share, and we’ll run your comments in next week’s Feedback section.

Chris Marshall, Woodworker’s Journal

Working with Beadlock Tenons

Drilling mortise-and-tenon joint with Rockler Beadlock
A.J. Hamler continues this mortise-and-tenon joinery cutting series, this time taking a look at Rockler’s Beadlock system.

Router Jig for Cutting Dadoes in Small Parts

Larry Okrend shows you how to make a jig for cutting accurate dadoes in multiple small project parts. This jig makes it easy to create small lattice pieces.

Little Book Lending Library

School house themed outdoor library
Share your love of printed books by building a repository that the whole neighborhood can enjoy.

Patio Garden Cart

Outdoor patio planter with wheels
Flowers, veggies and herbs will thrive in this mobile cart. Made from cedar, it can be built in a weekend. You’ll be planting in no time!

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