Issue 9

Issue 9

The Season is Upon Us

A fresh woodworking season!

As I write this editorial, I am on the plane to Chicago, to attend the National Hardware Show. For me, and many of my colleagues, this marks (along with the International Woodworking Fair in a couple of weeks) the official beginning of a new season of woodworking. Before I was associated with a woodworking publication, I wouldn’t have had a clue what the woodworking season was. I made stuff out of wood all year round. Now that I breathe the rarified air of how-to publishing, I have become hip to the seasonal nature of how woodworking ebbs and flows. Folks really do spend more time working in the shop in the fall and winter than they do in spring and summer.

At the hardware show, many tool makers will begin to roll out their newest and coolest gadgets and tools. And you’ll get the fastest report on what’s out there in the Toolmaker Insider … which in this issue of the eZine turns out to be me! So click on the Toolmaker Insider link and check out the my first report on the stuff you just can’t live without (or want to know about if you can live without it). Tools to the left of me, tools to the right and not a board to cut!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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