Westward HO!

Rob-Portrait351By the time you read this missive, I will be out on the wild North Dakota prairie partaking of my other passion …PETA members avert your eyes … bird hunting. I understand that, for many of you, bird hunting would hold the same allure as, say, a root canal. And I’m aware that there is no reasonable or logical argument to be made in defense of this other hobby. One reason I am excited to be going is that I have a new bird dog that will be making its first trip. So, by the time you read this I will either be very excited at her progress or depressed by my training failure – there is no middle ground. I wonder if you have a similar reaction to your woodworking. As you evaluate a newly finished project, are you either a genius or flop? Are you the worst critic that you’ll ever face or is it someone else? Let me know, and when I get back from the lone prairie, I’ll pass on the results.


– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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