We’ve Got Your Back

Rob-Portrait351The sawdust is flying and projects are being completed in woodworking shops across the country (and for that matter, across the planet as well). The blend of joy and determination that is being expressed by gift makers is one that I share and look forward to every year. But there are some of you — and I won’t ask you to raise your hand, this is a private matter – who are still in the planning process. OK, you are procrastinating. For you, we recently posted a blog submission with 15 gift project ideas with links to the step-by-step information to build them. Some can be done with just a day in the shop.

So if you need some help or inspiration, check out the blog post, and don’t hesitate to click on the plans tab on our website. It’s go time, and we are on your side!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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