Whither the Weather…

Whither the Weather…

In response to Rob’s editorial in the last eZine, which related Minnesota’s brief winter thaw – hopes that were then crushed by numerous inches of snowfall – eZine readers shared their own weather woes. – Editor

“Thanks for the story, Rob. Living in Sydney, we have been experiencing 100 degrees Fahrenheit day after day, and this week it has cooled to a mild 75F. Life gives us different challenges all the time. My workshop is under the house and stays relatively cool assisted by a fan. Currently making four dining room chairs and enjoying the ‘mass production.’ Yesterday is was 40 tenons on the ends of the back slats. Today it will be shaping the back slats on band saw and belt sander. Fun!” – Alan Gravolin

“You may have had the old January thaw for a few days, but down here in Southeast Lousy Anna we have been tortured with 80º+ weather, and it is still winter! I’ve been trying to find out who up there turned off the fan that kept us with the cooler weather. Personally, I’m burning up. My shop faces west, and the sun is so hot I can’t work in there past 16:00 (4 p.m. for you civilians). If you get too much cold, send some down. I could use the relief.” – Robert Hoyle

“You did not put the word ‘frozen’ in front of tundra, and for that I say thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Richard Benson

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