Whither the White Walnut?

Rob-Portrait351As is often the case when woodworkers meet this time of year, the talk turns to shop-made holiday gifts. At the coffee maker this morning, I asked a coworker what was up with his Christmas presents, and during the discussion he revealed that he was using butternut to make several small gifts. He mentioned that this was one of the first times that he had used it, and he just loved the look and the workability of the stock. Butternut is closely related to walnut and, as my coworker pointed out, is sometimes called white walnut.

I, too, have an affection for butternut, but of late have had a really hard time finding it to purchase. Which brings me to wonder how many of you eZine faithful have had the opportunity to work with butternut — and if so, how did you find it and what did you make? (I’ll ask you if you have any to sell later!)

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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