Whoops! It’s November!

The year 2019 is the 64th consecutive year that I have not started to make my Christmas presents in October. (There is something to be said for consistency … but in this case, that something is not likely to be very positive.)

I have made some progress … my shop is insulated and I have heat, so that will allow me to work well into the evening hours. I’ve got new LED lights as well — and boy howdy does that make a difference!

I still have some space issues to deal with, and I am thinking I will get one of Rockler’s portable router tables (shown in one of the videos here). On that subject, when it comes to storage and router tables, Chris Marshall’s Router Table Organizer is a great project that you can modify to suit your needs.

Now, back to procrastinating about holiday gifts!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

The Perfect Portable Router Table

This compact and portable router table is ideal for small shops and jobsite use. The folding base on the Rockler Convertible Benchtop Router Table can be quickly reconfigured for benchtop use, wall-mounted use, or collapsed entirely for storage or transport. In addition, the unique router plate lets you quickly remove the router for freehand use, then dock it again for table use—the compact size of the plate makes it light and nimble in freehand applications.

Router Table Organizer Cabinet

Check out all the cool custom features that are part of this Router Table Organizer Cabinet project. Many router tables feature an open base that is unused space. Chris Marshall built custom storage cabinets and shelves to fill the empty space under his Rockler router table.

Get One Give One $250 Rockler Gift Card Drawing

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