Whose Tool Is It?

Whose Tool Is It?

Is It Mine?

“My biggest pet peeve about Norm is this: Who says I’ll cut this on MY table saw, or I’ll use MY router, etc? Real woodworkers, not the TV kind, say I’ll cut this on THE table saw.” – Leon Eaves

Is this true, readers? I know I say “the table saw” instead of “my table saw,” but now I’m curious. Perhaps more of you are like Norm. Let’s hear from those of you out there who are not on TV, but still use a more personal pronoun for your tools. – Editor


“I like Norm, although he seems to substitute power machines for times when he could use traditional hand tools. Of course, the Woodwright shop does the exact opposite, and I do enjoy both.” – Denny Hurd

220 Extension Cords

“I was quite surprised to see that there had been a discussion on extension leads for 220 volt electricity. In South Africa, we only have 220 volt electricity in single phase supply. It is quite common to manufacture your own extension lead.” – Ian Visser, South Africa


“Your comments are very educational and I always look forward to your emails. Thanks for being there.” – Skip Phillips

“Let me start by thanking you and your organization for the excellent job you perform while informing us of the goings on in the world of woodworking. I am a novice and appreciate all the variety and quality coverage you provide. I was considering removing the stock blade guard/splitter that came with my Delta Unisaw, but after reading your coverage from Crown Guards and Women in Woodworking. I have changed my thoughts on that matter. I credit your forum for this decision and possibly saving me from unnecessary injury. My thanks to you and all those who contribute their knowledge and experience.” – Christopher Bowers

Hammer (and Nail) Humor

Now and again, our readers hammer us with their own humor. Here’s one from a wag who says he “couldn’t resist.” – Editor

“Mr. Dresdner commented that hide glue is made from animal skins, and not hooves, which are essentially toenails. Does that mean that while hide glue is made from the hide of an animal, toe nails are made from the hooves?” – Jim Campbell

The Typo Corner, or “Oh, Shoot!”

We continue our quest for entertaining typos, and yes, they are genuine. This one is our own, proving, once again, that this magazine is created entirely by actual humans. – Editor

“From your article on Rikon planers: ‘The motor, which is set outside the dust shoot’ Does the dust need to aim before it shoots out the dust chute?” – Paul Jacobson

“I know this is picky but in your article on Rikon tools, shouldn’t that be chute? Aw, shoot, the editor missed that one.” – P. Michael Henderson

Yes, you are both right. It should have read “chute,” though now that I think about it, perhaps it would be more logical if something that shoots dust were called a shoot. – Editor

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