Winter Wish List

Rob-Portrait351There is this rumor about woodworkers (I find it scurrilous) that, for some of us, getting new tools is more important than actually making something out of wood. Now, while I know that this is untrue for 99% of us, I also know that we do like new tools. Personally, because of my unique position, I suffer from an embarrassment of riches in the tool department. But I remember when that was not so. Laying down the $900 I had saved up for my Delta contractor’s saw with the 50-inch fence extension. (It emptied my savings account.) Walking through Seven Corners Ace Hardware and buying my first Bosch jigsaw — which served as my “band saw” for the next several years.

With that in mind, I am curious about what new tool you would buy if the restrictions of space and money were not in the mix. If, tomorrow morning, you just got up and decided “today’s the day,” what would you buy? A new table saw, router or band saw? Or would you try a newfangled piece of high-tech stuff like a CNC router or 3D printer? Or would you not get a tool but go out and buy a super cool piece or pile of wood?

There is no right answer here, but we will share as many of those we get back from you as we can.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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