Wixey’s Updated Digital Angle Gauge

Wixey’s Updated Digital Angle Gauge

Wixey’s original Digital Angle Gauge (WR300) — an easy-to-use magnetic device for setting blade angles — has been around for years now, but the company has made several improvements to its updated WR365 model. For one, the new gauge has a built-in level that indicates both the direction of tilt and the number of degrees off of level the tool is registering.


Two strong magnets hold it to ferrous surfaces, but there’s also a V-notch in the base for fitting the device to pipes or other curved surfaces. A flip-up display panel should make it easier to view a blade tilt setting without bending over or craning your neck.This gauge also operates on two AAA batteries instead of a wafer type watch battery. A push button “hold” feature now can lock the tool’s reading as well. The WR365 has a range of +/- 180 degrees, a resolution of 0.1 degrees and offers repeatability to +/- 0.1 degrees.

You can buy the new and improved WR365 Digital Angle Gauge with Level for $49.99. The original WR300 is still available for $39.99. Wixey offers free shipping on either gauge.

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