Wood Losing Color

Wood Losing Color

Wood Losing Color

During a class on making segmented bowls, Bruce Ferguson learned that Bullfrog sunscreen had the highest UV rating. He also heard that the sunscreen goes on first, and the finish goes on when the sunscreen dries.

Len Gibson had a couple of issues with the use of ArmourAll as a surface protector.

  • The product contains silicone which, according to Len, would make the piece difficult to refinish.
  • A friend had used ArmourAll on his pickup’s dashboard for years, and now it showed major cracks. Len had never used the product on his similar aged pickup, and his dashboard only showed minor fading.

Stuck Latch Pin Handle

There’s usually a knob that has to be unscrewed before the latch pin is lifted, noted Rich Flynn, adding that the blade will only tilt downward.

Long vs. Short Belt Drives

Jim Seelye wrote to make a couple of points on the length and type of belt drives on machinery using electric drive motors.

  • According to his first point, a longer belt tends to wrap around more of the smaller pulley’s (usually the drive pulley) circumference. Since this causes the belt to “pinch” the pulley tighter it transmits more power without slipping.
  • In his second point, the sound frequency of most belts on a normal drive system would be too low for the human ear to pick up & so changing belts won’t make any difference. A shorter belt, however, might require increased tension to decrease slippage and drive the same load. The accompanying increase in sound pitch might cause other parts of the machine to rattle or vibrate at an audible frequency.

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