What Wood You Say?

What Wood You Say?

Lights on in the Shop

While readers had plenty of thoughts about what a Woodworker’s Journal T-shirt would say, it seems you didn’t have much to say about the rest of last issue’s eZine. One reader did have a thought about the lighting element of a discussion about building a shop from the Q&A section. – Editor

“I am surprised that you advised the letter writer to use fluorescent lighting without the proviso of adding sufficient incandescent lights to avoid the strobe effect of the fluorescents. I have seen a table saw blade appear to be stopped. Believe me, I added incandescent lights to the mix.” – John Beveridge

Amazing Wooden Bikes

And a couple more comments came in on the Ken Wheeler and his Renovo Bicycles featured in the Today’s Woodworker department, one with a link to another story about a wooden bike. -Editor

“Just a note to say I like Today’s Woodworker Renovo Bicycles with his wooden bicycles. Truly amazing.” – Les Bauer

“Interesting article on wooden bikes. Back in the early days of 1900, Koratuso Yamaha met a fellow who had made a wooden bike whose name was Kawai. Yamaha hired him to build his first piano figuring anyone smart enough to build a successful bike of wood could design and build a piano.” – James Grebe

T-shirt Talk

Beyond that, here are some of the many entries in the Woodworker’s Journal T-shirt slogan contest (check Rob’s editorial for the winners). We’ll start out with some that went the list route. – Editor

Top 5 reasons I am a Woodworker:
5. My table saw may kickback but it doesn’t talk back.
4. Fresh cut cedar.
3. “It costs how much? I can make it for half that price.”
2. My hands need something productive to do.
1. “Power!” – Matthew Hermann

“‘I Saw It In Woodworker’s Journal, They’re on The Level’; ‘Woodworkers Journal Is Board Certified.'” – Patrick Pelkey

Here’s one devoted to a specific aspect of the craft.

“Woodturning will bowl you over.” – John McGann

One that brings to mind those halycon days of 1980s TV…

“Great plans that come together.” -Randy Backhaus

Poetry, when we didn’t even ask for it.

“Craftspersons solve their
Problems infernal
By reading each issue
Of Woodworker’s Journal.”- Allan Tuchman

For the T-shirt that poses a philosophical question:

“If a tree falls in a forest
And no one is around to hear it,
How many board feet will it yield?” – Stan Nichols

For the T-shirt that bosses people around:

“Don’t just stand there, sweep my sawdust.” – Ryan Kiko

“To a woodworker, bird’s-eye, dovetails and dogs have nothing to do with animals.” – Benjamin Shaw

“If I could make this T-shirt out of wood, I wood.” – Matthew Hermann

Back to basics:

“Woodworker’s Journal: We Do Wood ‘N Stuff.” – Brent Simpson

And, finally, a few that seem to have confused this contest with the previous one, where we fished for compliments:

“Woodworker’s Journal: If only they awarded the Pulitzer for e-Zines!” – Rex Markle

“I ‘wood knot’ be without my Woodworker’s Journal!” – James Covell

“P.S. Tell Rob he deserves to have a species of wood named after him.” – DeLlayne Wippich

We at Woodworker’s Journal always enjoy this type of badinage, and we’re glad to hear from your comments that you do, too. – Editor

“Thanks for your eZine efforts and keeping it friendly.” – Sheldon Getz

“I’m loving the eZine – what a great way to catch up and keep current. The magazine is great as well, but I like the ability to sit down and get a woodworking fix at the computer on a regular basis. Thanks for what you do.” – Jim Werpy

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