Wood Werks Supply and Powermatic Launch Custom Saw Program

Wood Werks Supply and Powermatic Launch Custom Saw Program

These days, you can design a new car, configure your next laptop computer or even create a whole new exterior to your home right on line. Wouldn’t it be cool to order a custom table saw, built just the way you want it, without ever leaving your keyboard?

That’s the genesis of an exciting new program, launched by Wood Werks Supply, a power tool and lumber distributor in Columbus, Ohio, and Powermatic this week. In a nutshell, you can now create your own unique PM2000 table saw in your choice of colors, fence, extension table and motor. Wood Werk’s website makes it all possible by simply clicking the options you want on their “Build the Perfect Saw”™ link (Now Over). Whether you’re an Ohio State fan, a John Deere loyalist or just simply love midnight blue, you can have a cabinet saw custom-painted to match, then complemented with the features that suit your woodworking tastes and needs best.

Todd Damon, co-owner of Wood Werks, sums up the new Custom saws this way: “Think of them as the best of the old and the best of the new.”


Each saw includes the breakthrough features of Powermatic’s current PM2000 saw: arbor lock, true riving knife, improved dust collection and built-in base casters. Then, you’ll get extra bells and whistles not found on the PM2000: a Blanchard-ground tabletop for a mirror finish (the same table finishing treatment as a Model 66 saw), a 3 HP American-made Baldor motor, chrome trim details and a personalized metal name plate mounted to the front of the saw. These standard features combine to form the all-new PM2066 Saw.

At this point, things get even more interesting. You have the option to choose from a palette of 16 standard paint colors for your saw’s primary color, and you can select a second trim color from another 16-color palette. Your saw will be painted to match. The website enables you to see what your color combination will look like on the saw by simply clicking on the colors. A custom paint scheme, using the standard palettes, will add $210 to the final cost. Or, you can select any PPG automotive finish color for an additional mixing fee, which gives you a nearly unlimited choice of colors.

The saw comes with a 32″ Accu-Fence and laminated extension table, but you can choose a 50″ Accu-Fence and either a workbench outfeed table or a Blanchard-ground steel extension table with a cast-iron legset for an additional fee. Wood Werks is offering several options for fence knobs as well: standard black, red, polished or brushed aluminum or hardwood (cherry or cocobolo). Five HP single-phase or three-phase Baldor motors are another options to consider.

A Custom PM2066 Saw, equipped in standard fashion and with your choice of a pre-selected palette color, will sell for around $3100. Shipping to your door is included in the base price, but liftgate service is extra. The “Build Your Perfect Saw” link tabulates your invoice, based on the options and features you want, so you can see what the final cost will be as you design your saw “virtually” on line.

Wood Werks began taking Powermatic Customs saw orders January 1, and the first orders will ship to customers early in March. Following that date, Wood Werks anticipates that a Customs saw order will take approximately two weeks from the time of web order placement to delivery.

If you’re in the market for a new cabinet saw right now or just dreaming about that one-of-a-kind heirloom saw you’d love to have someday, be sure to give Powermatic Customs a closer look. It’s just a few clicks away.

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