(Wood) Working on Two Continents

Rob-Portrait351As you know if you’ve been reading these little notes from me – and why wouldn’t you be? (wait – don’t answer that) I am currently on my whirlwind tool tour of Asia. But yet I’m writing to you in this week’s eZine. How can that be?

Well, I am literally working with both hands now…on two continents, even. I will try not to impale myself in the eye with a chopstick by adding eating to the mix and trying for a three-fer.

It is amazing, in this day and age, how much computers let you accomplish, across time zones, and across continents. In fact, it’s how we manage to get this eZine to so many of you from around the world, even when I’m huddled safe at home in Minnesota.

Speaking of America’s heartland, don’t think I’ve forgotten about the tool companies there while I’m overseas. Kreg Tool Company is located right there in River City…well, OK, there’s no river in Huxley, but they are in Iowa. You can read all about them in this eZine’s ToolMaker Insider and Tool Preview.

Gotta run!

– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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