Wooden You Know: Thoughts on Wooden Countertops

In the last issue of the eZine, Rob talked about all of the wooden countertops that have come into his family’s life – by his children’s choice, and as a feature of his new house – despite his recommendations against them. – Editor

“It’s obvious that nobody listens to your advice, including you! Keep trying. ” – John H. Bonnett

“Wooden you know that they would prefer trees to other stuff! Woodworking is in their DNA.” – Ed Amsbury

This reader agrees that it’s a bad idea – and is glad he escaped the same fate. – Editor

“When we redid our kitchen a few years back, I had the brilliant idea that I wanted to build my own countertops. That was vetoed by my wife in favor of granite (truly bulletproof), and I was relegated to making the kitchen bar top – which came out very well, I might add.  However, after a dozen years, I’m glad I don’t have to refinish the whole kitchen now.” – Frank McEnulty

And some suggested various options for repurposing the wood. – Editor

“Just think of all the nice wood you will have when you decide to replace them.” -Bill G.

“You know, those wood countertops would make nice benchtops when you replace them. And if you have any left over, you could always send me a piece.” – John E Adams

“Just think of all of the wooden molding planes that could have been made out of the European beech countertops.” – Jeffrey Murray

“What kind of cloud were you born under? It sounds like you can’t win for losing. I use butcher block items, but only for a cutting board.  It looks like you have found the first of the projects for the new house: new countertops. Look on the bright side: you may be able to repurpose the butcher block tops by converting them into ‘butcher blocks’ and give them to the kids as gifts. There you go, another Christmas project taken care of.” – Bob Hoyle

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