Wooden “Solutions”

Wooden “Solutions”

In the last issue, Rob asked you to share “unlikely wooden solutions to regular problems.” Here are the tales we heard. – Editor

“I was remodeling two dormer room ceilings. I was installing new insulation and drywall due to damage done by tree limbs in a storm. I needed a way of lifting the drywall to the ceiling. Knowing that it was going to be a lengthy job only working a few hours a day, the cost of renting a lift would be more than I could afford. I sat down and with pencil and paper and, after a couple of sketches, I came up with a suitable design that I could work with by myself to lift the ½-inch thick sheets up to install them. I made two wood base “T”s with wooden stretchers separating them about four and a half feet apart.” – James Sholtis

“I needed a 5-inch pulley with a 5/8-inch shaft hole. I used two pieces of 3/8-inch Baltic birch plywood, cut out the 5-inch circles, drilled the 5/8-inch hole, beveled the two pieces on edge and glued them together, forming the groove. I then screwed the pulley to a spacer block that was epoxied to the shaft. It works great.” – George Tritthardt

“My grandmother was a cook on a cattle ranch in northern California. It had long water troughs hollowed out from one log. It looked old in the 1950s.” – Jim Ware

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