Woodpeckers Mighty Mini-scraper

Woodpeckers Mighty Mini-scraper

Once it’s left to cure hard, dried glue can be difficult to remove without a sharp scraper. It’s even more difficult to deal with when you find it in tight spots or the inside corners of boxes, drawers and so forth. Woodpeckers has an effective and inexpensive way to tame dried glue with its new Mighty Mini-scraper. The tool has a tough, polycarbonate handle onto which a square carbide insert installs with a hex screw. Carbide inserts have four durable razor-sharp cutting edges. They’ve been used for a long time in industrial tooling situations and more recently on the cutting heads of some woodworking jointers and planers.

In this application, the Mini-scraper’s carbide insert can help you scrape off dried glue or level uneven wood joints, either by pushing the tool forward or pulling it toward you at a high handle angle. The rust-proof carbide edges are slightly cambered to keep their corners from gouging delicate wood surfaces, but an optional square-edged insert is also available. When an edge of the insert finally dulls, loosen the hex screw and pivot the insert to a fresh edge.


Through Sept. 30, Woodpeckers is offering the new Mighty Mini-scraper and one cambered insert for the introductory price of $19.99. After September, the price will increase to $21.99. The optional flat-edged insert sells for $11.99.

Learn more about the new Woodpeckers Mighty Mini-scraper, and watch a video of the tool in action, by clicking here.


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