Woodworker’s Journal – January/February 2017 Issue Preview

Woodworker’s Journal – January/February 2017 Issue Preview

In the January/February issue of Woodworker’s Journal, you’ll find classic projects with an updated twist to start your shop year off right. What better addition to your shop than a solid new Workbench? Or, perhaps you’d like to start off smaller, with a Chairside Caddy or a Classic Step Stool? The Spade Bookcase has a classic Arts and Crafts design, while a knockdown Finishing Turntable is another handy addition to your shop. Is improving your shop skills among your New Year’s resolutions? Start off by learning six methods of circle-cutting, plus find out how to use stain to “upgrade” your wood.

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Workbench: This heavy-duty bench from Sandor Nagyszalanczy combines designs from traditional benches, meant to support hand tool woodworking, with elements that support a contemporary work style that incorporates portable power tools.

Spade Bookcase: Spade-shaped inlays, a secret dovetail drawer and locking miter joints make this Arts & Crafts styled bookcase a rewarding shop challenge.

Classic Step Stool: Made with just five boards of home center lumber and an afternoon of shop time, this handy little home addition gives a step up to those who need it.

Chairside Caddy: This single-drawer box handsomely holds what you need next to you. It’s created on a scroll saw, and the drawer pull is designed to resemble a fishing lure.

Jigs & Fixtures:: Need to spray occasionally but no need (or room) for a spray booth? This knockdown turntable gives you 360˚ access to your workpiece.

Techniques: Learn six different methods for cutting circles – plus how to avoid saw marks on your final piece.

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