Writing Like Winners!

Like all industries, magazines have their award ceremonies – and one of them was held in our neck of the woods last night. Woodworker’s Journal went for the gold – and came home with it, from the 13th annual MMPA awards

The judges said WJ editor Rob Johnstone’s winning letter from the editor (“Confessions of a Tool Tester,” which ran in the August 2008 issue of Woodworker’s Journal) was both “informative and funny” and “engaging and conversational.”

They also praised Ian Kirby’s article from the October 2008 issue “Wood You Like to Know” on understanding the science of wood. You can check out that article’s wood terms glossary, complete with an audio pronunciation guide, a feature that really impressed the judges, by clicking here.


The judges also recognized the Overall Excellence of Woodworker’s Journal. Although we received the bronze award in this category, we were beaten out by magazines focusing on food and drink – pretty fundamental stuff. Perhaps you could even say that the three winning topics – food, drink and woodworking – are a nice reflection of the essentials in life.

Our staff certainly enjoyed the noshing and the hobnobbing at the awards ceremony, among representatives from the hundreds of other publications involved in the Minnesota Magazine and Publications Association (you’d be surprised how much is published here). But of course, most of all what we enjoy is bringing great content to woodworkers like you – whether it wins awards or not.

Joanna Takes
Senior Editor

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