Woodworker’s Journal is a Name in the Game

Woodworkers-Journal-SponsorshipIn this era when every sports venue is named Whoever-Gave-the-Most-Money Stadium and athletic stars are wearing their sponsors on their back, their feet and wherever else they can find room, Woodworker’s Journal has decided: who are we to be left out of the action?

We’ve decided to take a two-pronged approach here, plastering the Woodworker’s Journal name all over anything and everything — whether it’s related to woodworking or not — as well as instituting the Rent-a-Rob program.

Let’s start with that one first. Some companies will pay regular people to drive around with an advertising sticker on their cars. Woodworker’s Journal’s thought? Hey, Rob, goes places. At least, to the grocery store. Occasionally. He’s not exactly a hermit. Why not have a program where people can pay to put their ads on Rob?

He’s a popular guy.

In fact, he’s so popular that we’ve had to increase advertising space options. One price for the jacket shoulder, one for the back, another for the zipper placket …. you get the idea. (We can’t list the prices here — trust us, they’re astronomical. But for you? Maybe we could do a deal ….)

In the other prong of our two-pronged approach, we’ve decided that if tool companies can plaster their name all over sponsorships that have nothing to do with woodworking, well, then, by golly, we can, too. Who cares if our sponsorship makes sense? We sure don’t.

That’s why we’ve started out with a program whose participants should stay far, far, away from power tools, and which uses no tools. At all. Ever.

Preschool soccer. Woodworker’s Journal style.Woodworkers-Journal-Sponsorship-2

The shirts, the balls…we’ve got our logo emblazoned onto everything. We’re working on a way to get it onto the goals. And we’ll be planning autograph tours to woodworking shows with some of the stars. We don’t want to talk about woodworking – pshaw, why would we? When we can talk about

…. really, really fast cars.

OK, so cars do use tools. But they’re not really the same tools you use in woodworking. (If they are, your car — or your woodworking — has a serious problem.)

But fast cars are cool, right? Right?

And Woodworker’s Journal is nothing if not cool.

Woodworkers-Journal-Sponsorship-3So cool that we have decided to sponsor our own Nazcar racecar. We are told that millions of people watch Nazcar, and that they often do so in a condition that reduces their ability to resist impulse buys. What better place to get our logo than on our own state-of-the-art (circa 1993) high-performance racing vehicle? Look for it careening off of racetracks soon! (And did we mention that you can buy a sponsorship on our car too?)


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