Woodworker’s Journal – November/December 2017 Issue Preview

Woodworker’s Journal – November/December 2017 Issue Preview

It’s the time of year when there’s an outpouring of generosity from woodworkers’ shops – and why not, when great gifts are such fun to make? In the November/December issue of Woodworker’s Journal, you’ll find the project plans and know-how to create some snazzy-looking Cutting Boards, a woodturned Kitchen Canister, a picture-frame inspired jewelry storage option, and even some bigger items like a Bookcase or Music Stand. Put your CNC to use creating some gift projects (traditional drawings also available), spread out your holiday baking on a retro-styled Folding Table, and find out the newest options in aerosol finishing as you get out the spray cans for the finishing touches.

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Wooden Music Stand: Sandor Nagyszalanczy’s gracefully curved stand boasts an optional hanger for a guitar (or other instrument), an adjustable music holder and sawn and steambent legs.

Techniques: Marlen Kemmet creates artful cutting boards from glued-up laminates.

Woodturning: Ernie Conover teaches you how to create a spindle-turned hollow form canister – no fancy specialty tools needed.

Red Oak Bookcase: With standard home center lumber and just a few power tools, you can create a handsome bookcase with an Arts & Crafts-inspired style.

Circular Jewelry Frame: Put those pretty scraps of wood to good use with this gift project. Chris Marshall shows you options for cutting your circle on either a router or a band saw, plus includes details on his angle-cutting jig for making miters.

High-Tech Gifts: Looking for options for quick gifts? Here’s a roundup of easy-to-make ideas, complete with CNC files – or, for those of you who are still “old-school,” downloadable drawings.

“Retro” Folding Table: Be prepared for parties, puzzles and more with Kimberly McNeelan’s card table kicked up a notch.

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