Woodworker’s Journal Readers, Lend Us Your Opinions!

Rob-Portrait351One of the great things about the eZine is how easy it is to get feedback from our readers. This issue I am looking for the opinions of a particular set of eZine readers: Those of you who also read the print version of the magazine. Whether you pick it up on the newsstand or subscribe, I am interested in what you think of our recurring departments. Look to the survey module on the eZine mailing, where I ask you to rank them in order of their importance. This will be of great use to us as we move forward with future issues of the Journal. So, thanks for your help!

On a sad note, Tage Frid, one of the truly important figures in the small world of woodworking journalism – and one of the founders of the modern movement to bring woodworking information to amateurs — passed away this month. His work in Fine Woodworking magazine was something I found to be very useful in my early years in the craft. A writer, designer and wonderful craftsman, Tage brought the European craftsman’s ethic to a whole generation of hobbyist woodworkers, and we are all the better for it.


– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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