Woodworkers Take Home Prizes from the Fair

Woodworkers Take Home Prizes from the Fair

Some “Fair” Woodworkers Out There

In response to Rob’s editorial last time out asking if any of our eZine readers were prizewinners at your state or county fair, we discovered that there are indeed some among you who bring home the ribbons. – Editor

“Yes, after trying for a few years I finally got it right. I have attached a couple of photos of my shells but they are not great photos. Luckily, I carve better than I photograph. Just at our local agricultural show (fair, I guess it would be in American) I was given the purple champion ribbon. Although it is not a major prize in a major competition, it was still a thrill.” – Lynda Kelley

“I entered nine wood projects in different categories at the Sheboygan County Fair. The results were 8 blue ribbons, and one red ribbon. It was a good year. This was the first time I had entered projects in a competition.” – Bob Hartig


“This is my oak and walnut cradle that won Grand Champion at the Routt County (Colorado) Fair.” – Bob Moore


“Fond memories of State Fair; after being discharged from the Navy in 1965, I worked as a rent-a-cop on the midnight to eight shift. My dad was night shift chief of police at the Fair for 28 years. The subject says it all: the good news, the Fair starts; the bad news, the Fair starts, and winter is just around the corner.” – Tom Cross

A Step Up for a Right Angle Jig

In response to a query in last issue’s Q&A section asking about making a right-angle base for a dovetail jig, we received the following suggestion. – Editor

“In response to Douglas J. Heckler’s question about dealing with the height limitations of his dovetail jig, I have this suggestion. Mount the jig to a board that is long enough to fasten the jig to, and then bolt or clamp that board to the top of a stepladder. He could then stand on a lower step of that ladder or another one next to it and make the cuts with his router.” – Dave Pettit

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