Woodworking Bromides Cited

Woodworking Bromides Cited

Woodworking Bromides

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: “Measure twice, cut once.” And it sure seemed like every one of those thousand times was an entry for this most-cliched of cliches in our woodworking bromides contest. For other entries, look to Rob’s editorial – and read on. – Editor

First Place:

“The bromide I mumble the most while turning and woodworking is ‘you have to be smarter than the board.'” – Jane Hilary

Second Place:

“I have always said, ‘if you make a mistake on one side of a project, just do it on the other side and no one will ever know.'” – Richard Flood

Third Place:

“My favorite saying (by I don’t know who) is ‘Always make a testpiece or you’ll soon have a test piece’ – as I’ve proven many times.” – Dan Keller

Honorable Mention:

“If you’re not focused on what you’re doing, stop doing it.” – Rich Dulay

And some more:

“If you don’t start, you won’t finish.” – Truman Hamilton

“‘The mark of a true craftsman is how well he hides his mistakes.’ As an adult, every mistake I’ve made is either expensive or painful – or both!” – Scott Lemonds

“If you got it out, put it back.” – Susie Zwemke

“Some trite woodworking tidbits that I have heard include the following: ‘Nothing happens until the sawdust flies.’ ‘Mistakes happen; if the corners are square no one will notice.’ ‘Square is in the eye of the beholder.'”- Mark Drew

“My favorite bromide is as follows: ‘no weapons, no drugs, no alcohol, no idiots.'” – Phil McQuistion

“My parents always emphasized pre-planning on any household project to reduce/eliminate errors and costs and to increase the quality of the outcome. Their admonition/bromide: ‘Well begun is half done.'” – Jeremiah Hanley

“My favorite thing to say when I make a mistake on a project is, ‘If you can’t see it from the road then it’s OK.’ I say this from time to time, and my friends get quite a kick out of it.” – Ben Carter

Screws for Screwing MDF

And, in response to last issue’s Question and Answer on screwing MDF, we heard from this reader who has found screws that work great for him for this application. – Editor

I just read your recent eZine (Issue 251) Q&A about Tips for Screwing MDF. I was very surprised that neither of your experts recommended confirmat screws, which are specifically designed for processed wood materials. I converted to them for my MDF projects a couple of years ago, and they have completely solved the splitting problem for me. They are more like a threaded steel connector than a screw, and create a very strong joint.” – Jim Moody

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