Woodworking Inspiration

Rob PortraitOne question that I often ask fellow woodworkers is “How do you choose your next project?” The most common answer I get is that a home-improvement project has shouldered its way into their workshop. And if it is not home-improvement per se, it is often a piece of furniture or a project that will improve their home life in some fashion or the home life of someone they care about.

But occasionally, a woodworker will describe a moment of inspiration that launches them into action: “I was watching Norm build a widget the other day on the boob-tube and I decided — dang — I can build one of those!” Other sources of inspiration I have heard are childhood memories of furniture now lost, trips to an antique shop or even reading Architectural Digest (the magazine that proves rich people really do have better furniture than we do).

So I have a question for you all: have you been “inspired” to build something during your woodworking career? If you have, what was it that tripped the switch and got your juices flowing? Drop me a line and let me know.

Something that I know gets many woodworkers’ juices jumping is cool tools. This eZine is being sponsored by WMH Tools and features their JET products. Check out the Interview and the Tool Preview to get the latest on the hot new offerings from the JET line of woodworking tools. Like the Transformers … there is more than meets the eye!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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