Woodworking Projects Galore

Rob-Portrait351As I stated recently, there is no time like right now for getting into the shop and getting busy. Which brings you to the woodworker’s eternal question: “Which project should I start next?” Personally, I solve that question by starting a whole bunch of projects at once. Which leads me to the next question of: “Will I ever finish a project?” But of course, that’s just me…

Once you have determined which project is up next, you’re often faced with the prospect of where to get woodworking plans to work from. Even if you are like me and tend to design most of your projects to suit your specific needs — I often start from an existing plan to figure out reasonable dimensions, evaluate different styles, hardware options and other details. So where would a woodworker find such plans? (I think you might feel a plug coming on …)

Well, of course, there is your favorite electronic delight … the Woodworker’s Journal eZine! We have two free plans every issue, with a third as a monthly kicker thrown in. But if that is not enough … just take a look at our newest CD of Readers’ Favorites: Home Projects. It features 30 woodworking projects from the pages of Woodworker’s Journal (ready for your computer in PDF format). It is a great way to get projects to build and to develop project ideas.

Trust me, I should know … I’ve started a few of them!

– Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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