Woodworking’s Kickoff Season

The fall sports season has kicked off. While football has its place (especially when, in a sign that things are as they should be, the University of Iowa defeats Iowa State in the annual intrastate rivalry), my seasonal Saturdays are currently spent on the soccer field.

To be clear: I’m not playing soccer; I’m a spectator. (Except for the annual parent/kid scrimmage – which I may have to rethink, as I’m still feeling the aftereffects of a previous season’s scrimmage, and the fact that the parents don’t have shin guards.)

Fall is often also viewed as the “kickoff” to the woodworking season, as Rob mentioned last week (before he went off on a hunting trip). Do you have any woodworking goals to go for this fall? Or are you still in a huddle with your team to plan your strategy? Let us know – and keep following those safety measures you told us about in last week’s eZine. The penalty for calling offsides on your fingers in woodworking can be pretty severe.

Joanna Werch Takes, Woodworker’s Journal

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