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Today we look at the concept of de-cluttering and shop organization. I confess that, for the most part, I am better at accumulating clutter as opposed to organizing it. But that is kind of the point. Last night I looked for a hammer for about 10 minutes…I found it under the dog bed.

So whether we are talking clamp racks, or stackable storage totes to advanced systems, I am really interested in them. So check out our videos for some great organizational information.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

P.S. The video contains details about our next giveaway. Tune in to find out more!

Featured Videos

Organize Cabinet Drawers with the Lock-Align System

Organize any drawer — and keep it that way — with the Rockler Drawer Organizer System. Use the interlocking trays, bins and dividers to build a tidy grid of compartments that is customized not only to the size of your drawer, but also to the tools and hardware that you need to sort. The trays interlock side-to-side and line up end-to-end to fill out drawers of any width or depth. When you get to the final piece at the end of the row, simply cut it to fit with an ordinary pair of scissors. The synthetic rubber material is easy-to-cut, and the grid of cutlines on the back side ensures that the interlocking feature still works once the tray is cut.

Router Table Organizer Cabinet

Check out all the cool custom features that are part of this Router Table Organizer Cabinet project. Many router tables feature an open base that is unused space. Chris Marshall built custom storage cabinets and shelves to fill the empty space under his Rockler router table.

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