WORX® 40V Hydroshot™

WORX® 40V Hydroshot™

The new WORX® 40V Hydroshot portable power cleaner combines two 20V Max Power Share lithium-ion batteries to drive its built-in pump, which delivers pressurized water from 290 to 450 psi. Based on an average of 60 psi for many households, the Hydroshot delivers more than seven times the water pressure of a standard garden hose. At 450 max psi, the 40V Hydroshot should make quick work of power cleaning decks, patios or windows.

The Hydroshot is not a conventional pressure washer, and it offers more portability and flexibility of use. For one, using it does not require fuel or an extension cord or power outlet. It also can draw water from a garden hose or through its 20 ft. included hose that can be inserted into a bucket or any other fresh water source — even lakes, rivers and pools. An adjustable float on the accessory hose acts like a bobber to keep the intake from becoming fouled by sandy or muddy bottoms.

Its pump-driven, dual-system control nozzle features two operating settings: watering (Low; 290 psi) and power cleaning (High; 450 psi). The four-pattern spray nozzle rotates to adjust from 0- to 15-degree, 25-degree, and 40-degree settings. The 6.9 lb. tool uses less than one gallon of water per minute during operation and also accepts aftermarket pressure washer nozzles.

Hydroshot is powered by two 20V MAX Power Share 2.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries. Run time varies, based on the selected operating mode and speed. The batteries are compatible with other WORX 20-volt DIY and lawn and garden tools.

The WORX 40V Hydroshot (model WG644; $199.99) includes a long pressure cleaning lance; two 20V MAX Power Share 2.0 Ah batteries; 60 minute dual-port charger (one hour per battery); 20-ft. hose accessory and carrying bag. Or you can purchase the tool and accessories but without the batteries or charger as model WG644.9 for $119.99. Either way, WORX backs your purchase with a three-year limited warranty.

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