WORX® Ai Drill

WORX® Ai Drill™

The WORX Ai Drill is designed to be easy for first-time users and DIYers: the “Ai” stands for “advanced intelligence,” and the drill makes some decisions for you. Its three drive modes are called drill (for hole drilling), and SafeDrive and PulseAssist (for driving screws). They’re activated by touch-sensitive keypads on the top of the drill. The Ai Drill has no clutch settings: it uses the SafeDrive mode to deliver the correct amount of torque and then backs off once the screw is flush with the surface. PulseAssist applies enough bit rotation to drive the screw snug to the surface without overtightening or stripping the screw head; it works in reverse to back out screws, again without damaging the screw head. The drill moves at a slow, optimal speed to avoid stripping screws. Another feature is “Bitlock™”: when you load a drill or driver bit into the tool’s 3/8-in. chuck, the motorized jaws tighten and self-center the bit, with 30 percent more torque than hand tightening. The jaws run in reverse to release bits.

The WORX Ai Drill is a single-speed (0-800 rpm) drill with a maximum of 180 inch/pounds of torque. Drilling capacity is 1 in. wood and 3/8 in. in mild steel. It weighs 3.1 lbs. with a 20V MAX 1.5 amp-hour battery installed. The drill comes with one battery and a 5-hour charger, and it’s priced at $119.85.

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