Wow, Did You Say 300?

Rob-Portrait351As of today, the Woodworker’s Journal eZine has sent out 300 issues to you and the rest of those who make up the eZine faithful. In terms of Internet time, the eZine has been around since dinosaurs ruled the ether. (Perhaps you remember that in my original editorial photo, I was wearing a sabre-toothed tiger-skin shirt with bone-framed glasses.) As you likely know, sometimes longevity is simply a function of being stubborn — either too foolish or too stupid to quit. But with a product like the eZine, there is only one reason that we have been able to keep on using zeros and ones to talk about woodworking. And that reason is you.

Without our readership, the eZine would have quickly gone to that secret Internet product graveyard, filled with the ghosts of great ideas past. But we have grown and improved because of your interest and feedback. And for that, let me express the gratitude of our staff, and from me personally. We will continue to write about woodworking to the best of our abilities, and listen to what you want to hear. (I may even get a new editorial photo … any suggestions?)

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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