Year-End Woodworking Reflections; Veneer Door Follow-up

Year-End Woodworking Reflections; Veneer Door Follow-up

As we wrap up this year’s Woodworker’s Journal Weekly issues, we asked what 2018 had meant to you as a woodworker and what your plans are for next year. Here’s one woodworker’s perspective. – Editor

“This past year was spent improving my hand tool skills. Not quite there yet but next year will improve them even more.” – Walter Hayes

And here’s a look back at a question answered earlier this year, on how to re-glue veneer on an exterior door – and how things turned out for the questioner. – Editor

“Thank you for the many helpful. In answer to your questions, I used a FSV (flexible sheet veneer) adhesive. I did not use a cross grain layer first. Not wanting to admit defeat, I found a Formica product that comes 36.5 x 98 in. in many wood patterns. Then came the job of removing the veneer that had bubbled. It took a day of scraping with a putty knife and then removing the glue with stripper. Next, I sanded with a DA sander. I then applied Weldwood contact cement. It turned out great.” – Joseph Raber

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