Your National Woodworking Month Projects – Part Five

Your National Woodworking Month Projects – Part Five

Here is our final look back at the projects you submitted all April for National Woodworking Month! We’ve still received several other projects after our deadline, but we want to continue to share them, so keep an eye out in the coming weeks.

This winter I focused on smaller projects. I got into bandsaw boxes.  Here are a couple I made this winter. One was a Valentine’s Day gift for my wife using a piece of unusual wood we brought back from Ghana.

The souvenirs I’m always looking for during international travels are cutting boards made from local wood. I have cutting boards from Ghana, South Africa, Ethiopia, and Russia.  These are usually not found in tourist shops.

The inspiration for doing bandsaw boxes was the video you did a while back making the “yin/yang” box.

I found a piece of spalled wood in my workshop and made a small box.  This inspiration came from your video of making a small box from a two foot piece of scrap.

-Don Gwinn

Heart shaped box interior

Closed box with heart shaped interior

Small jewelry box with red liner

Small jewelry box with closed drawers

Small box made with spalled wood

This is one of my best big projects.

-Susie Marcade

Large painted garage cabinet

Interior view of painted garage cabinet

This is a prototype of a table I designed. I wanted to work out any issues before going to the final. This one is made out of Maple. The final one will be African Mahogany. I still finished it as if it were the final, as we will be using it until I get to the mahogany one, and after that, it will move to our camp.

-Joe Sarna

Large table scale prototype

In honor of National Woodworking Month, here are some photos of my latest project – built-in bookshelves and cabinets, complete with a Murphy bed, for my basement. Last fall, the company I work for announced that our temporary work-from-home arrangement would be permanent, so I knew I needed a dedicated work space.

Four months and one big basement renovation later, I have my home office and a family rec room. The rec room features built-in cabinets around a murphy bed for when my parents come to visit, and the office showcases maple built-in bookshelves for my oh-too-many books.

-Brian Sigmon

Basement wall bookcase

Basement wall bookcase with cabinet

I wanted an end table that would fit between my recliner and the wall. It had to fit under the drapes, include a shelf for my woodworking catalogs, and a drawer to help manage the clutter on the window sill. A little time with Sketchup and this meets my needs.

-Jim Ryan

End table to go next to recliner

Recliner end table with open drawer

This is my latest piece. The box is walnut, the drawer is ash, the drawer handle is walnut, and the sliding dovetail drawer runner is oak. I know that you said to send one picture, but felt that a single photo didn’t really show it off.

-Richard Ross

Small walnut box with drawer

Walnut box drawer runner

Top view of walnut box with drawer

Walnut box with open drawer

I just completed this work bench I have been wanting to build. It is heavy duty with 4×6 construction and a1 1/2 inch butcher block top 36 x 72. The bench is fitted with a five drawer insert which provides storage for commonly used tools at your bench. I have been wanting to do this for sometime. I did not have any plans however did view many pictures.

-Dennis Sheehan
Antioch, IL

Heavy duty blue and white workbench

Blue and white workbench tabletop

Recently my wife had to relocate her small business office to a new building. She hired a contractor to do most of the renovation, but she asked me to replace the vanity in the bathroom.

-Allan Knowlden
Evansville, IN

Installed bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanity parts in a workshop

The first project is a live double edge Ash table. It measures 2″ thick, 17″ wide and 47″ long. I finished with high gloss epoxy and 16″ hair pin legs.

The second is a Walnut table with blue epoxy to fill a void. Measures 2″ thick by 11″ wide by 46″ long and 16″ hair pins legs

-Richard Lampe
Ellsworth, IL

Ash coffee table with epoxy filler

Walnut Coffee Table with epoxy fill

Thank you all once again for sharing your latest projects!

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