Your National Woodworking Month Projects – Part Three

Your National Woodworking Month Projects – Part Three

Even more great project submitted by our readers during the month of April! We’ll keep celebrating your National Woodworking month projects throughout the month of May!

A Craftsman-style cabinet. The wood is red oak and I used golden oak finish.

Craftsman-style cabinet reader's project

An urn, turned on my Robust lathe. The woods are cherry burl and ebony.

Cherry burl and ebony urn

A miniature cabinet, made from white oak (natural oil finish), with hand-turned cocobolo door pulls. Two small hollowed turnings sitting on top of the cabinet: a cherry burl vase and a persimmon vessel with ebony finial.

Miniature cabinet and turned vases

-John Nicholson

Here is a small project that I made within the past year.  It is a sundial that has been designed to give accurate readings specifically for MY backyard. It can be set up leveled and oriented to North with the gnome sent to the proper month. The dimensions of the oval, spacing of the months and compass orientation required considerable research. But it was a fun project – just not practical.

Adjustable backyard sun dial

-Dave Fogt

There are 4 species blended into each board so you have to make them in multiples of 4. I usually make 8 at a time.

I donate them to a local non-profit called VISTE (Volunteers in Service to the Elderly). They reward major donors and long term volunteers with one as a thank you.

I buy 4/4 rough sawn 4/S material and transform it into 8 boards in 9-10 hours of work. That time does not include glue or finish drying times.

No, I don’t own a CNC machine. Tools required include a table saw, band saw, glue brush, clamps, thickness planer, router table and sanders. See photos. All cutting is done free style so no 2 boards are alike. Each is an original artistic piece. Designs can be infinite in number.

My “how do you do it” secret sauce? Double Stick Tape.

Four wood cutting boards being assembled

Second view of four wood cutting boards

Don Van Houtte holding four wood cutting boards

-Don Van Houtte
Lakeland, FL

This is from a purchased plan, probably from Rockler. I made several of these for my construction customers.

Wooden truck and backhoe models

-Phillip Hansen

This is an old workbench that belonged to my wife’s father. I had forever and decided to put a hardwood top over the old laminate that is always coming off. I have been collecting wood my entire life, and when I decided to do this I didn’t really have a plan. It kind of evolved with what lumber and sizes I had to work with. Walnut,, Maple, Zebra, Brazilwood, Oak. I know it looks too good to be a workbench but that’s what it is and it is very nice. Well to me anyway. I put six coats of Tung Oil and that’s all.

Workbench without benchtop

Checkeboard patterned benchtop layout

Unfinished checkerboard benchtop assembled

Checkered workbench top set-up

Finished workbench top

-Ricky Cherup
Grove City, OH

Here’s my Beer Paddle Project.

Two four glass beer paddles

-Brian Kise

Thank you again for these great projects! We’ll see you again next week!

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