Air-Pressure Tools for Woodworking

Over the years in my profession, I’ve worked mostly with metal and fiberglass and have found air tools have a big advantage over electric. They last longer, if taken good care of, and they provide more power. I’m new to woodworking and wonder, which, if any, air tools are available and adaptable for working with wood?

Michael Dresdner: I agree with you, and have quite a few air tools in my shop. The most popular woodworking air tools are (in order of popularity) spray guns, nail guns/staplers, sanders, clamps, buffers, grinders, drills, and routers. Don’t forget vacuum bags and vacuum holding devices powered by compressed air through a venturi tube.

Rob Johnstone: There are more and more air powered tools becoming availible for woodworking every year. And good quaility, high volume air compressors are becoming more affordable as well. Campbell-Hausfeld is a leader in bringing new air powered tools to the woodworking market.

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