Editor’s Blogs

  • Three-dollar Fix Improves Fold-Down Outfeed Table

    Earlier this spring we received some good feedback about the “Fold-down Outfeed Table” project that ran in the February 2009 issue (p. 50). Glad you folks like it! But, if you’re planning to build one for your table saw (or if you’ve already completed it), be sure to add a simple modification sent in by fellow reader Doug Green from Wellington, Colorado.

  • No More “Name That Grit”

    My Sandpaper Organizer ran in our August issue as our “Jigs & Fixtures” featured project. If you went ahead and built one, I hope you’re liking it. I sure am.

  • What Is It Worth?

    It has happened to all of us at one time or another. If you work wood long enough, someone; maybe a relative, possibly a friend, or even a coworker will admire your work and ask what you would charge them to make a . . . (fill in the blank)

  • Who Is It Really for?

    I start thinking of my Christmas gifts ahead of time. Giving shop-made gifts does require a bit more advanced planning. One of the things we woodworkers really need to decide early on is who are we making the gift for.

  • A Season of Little Woodworking

    As you might imagine, with a job title like mine, I get asked what kind of woodworking I do. The truthful answer is: not much, these days.