Weekly Editorial

  • Email Smack-Down

    When I asked you what your principal interests were outside of woodworking, curiosity was my prime motivator. Well, just as curiosity killed the cat, it can really put the smack-down on an unsuspecting editor.

  • Stock and Roll … Overlapping Interests

    I know you like to work with wood, but I bet you do other things, too. Recently, I found out Ellis Walentine loves to play the guitar. Me, too!

  • Sawdust or Prozac

    I must confess that, between creating an eZine and putting together a magazine, the time actually left to make sawdust is way too limited.

  • Big Projects, Huh?

    Well, little did I know that a query about your biggest woodworking projects would bring such a huge response.

  • Bigger Is Better…Right?

    What I want to know is this: what is the biggest piece of woodworking you’ve ever done?

  • Good Will Hunting

    Rob returns from a trip to Texas with some Texas-sized thoughts about woodworking and its place in the community.

  • Adding Some Wattage

    In the smaller world of woodworking, being the editor of the Woodworker’s Journal does offer me the opportunity to call all sorts of famous woodworkers and hold their attention for a while.

  • A Great Finish to Our Year

    Let me take just a moment to say how thankful I am to all of you loyal eZine subscribers for your support over the last few months.

  • Not So Silent Night

    Take this e-mail as an encouragement. I still get comments (mostly positive) about woodworking gifts I gave folks decades ago.

  • Where Do You Start?

    I think it’s amazing that Stratovari produced his instruments at a time when there were no lumberyards, no finish manufacturers, not even companies making glue.