Weekly Editorial

  • We Double Dare You

    Rob repeats his challenge to the Woodworker’s Journal audience to share their worst projects.

  • The Season is Upon Us

    As I write this editorial, I am on the plane to Chicago, to attend the National Hardware Show. For me, and many of my colleagues, this marks (along with the International Woodworking Fair in a couple of weeks) the official beginning of a new season of woodworking.

  • How Bad is Your Worst Project: A Contest

    Among the beautiful and practical pieces of furniture and cabinets I’ve created in more than 20 years of woodworking, I have also made some pretty silly — one (or one’s spouse) might even say stupid — woodworking projects.

  • Woodworkers Doing Good Work

    When you ask woodworkers what they like to build, like I did last issue… boy, oh, boy! The response has been not only huge, but helpful as well.

  • I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends…

    We’ve just celebrated the Fourth of July here in the U.S. of A., and so, my woodworking friends, you know…

  • The Beat Goes On

    We’ve barely got our new electronic woodworking pub off the ground (just five issues) and things are really starting to pop.

  • You’re Really out There!

    In my last letter to you, I mentioned my desire for more significant communication, in the spirit of woodshop camaraderie. Your response was just great.

  • Talking in the Virtual Shop

    This is the third issue of the Woodworker’s Journal eZine, and by now, those of you who have been with us from the beginning are getting the feel of how often you’ll be finding good woodworking information in your e-mail box.

  • We’re Clicking Now

    Thank You! The first issue of the Woodworker’s Journal eZine was a big success and we have you to thank for it. Your response was overwhelmingly favorable and for that we send our appreciation.

  • Welcome to Our New eZine!

    Welcome to the premiere issue of the Woodworker’s Journal eZine. Your interest in woodworking has qualified you for a free subscription to this electronic magazine devoted entirely to woodworking.