Consider a Craft Business Using an Epilog Laser

While a laser engraver might not be financially feasible for a weekend hobbyist woodworker, Epilog Laser technology could turn precision cutting and etching into a profitable craft business. Senior editor Chris Marshall gets the details at IWF 2014.

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  • Kare

    I have had an epilog engraver for several years and had hoped to make a small business from it to supplement my income as I get closer to retirement. My problem is that I don’t feel confident to engrave photos in a short amount of time for a quick there any way to feel more confident when engraving photos??


    • Bill Marshall

      I have an idea to boost confidence – start with classic pictures, like the Mona Lisa etc., run them through at a speed you will need to obtain, then take the finished product out to show to everyone you know. Since the images are well known, your friends can make an objective observation and let you know how awesome you are. That should help you build some confidence to take on other products.