Finish for Cedar

I am a novice woodworker who enjoys working with aromatic cedar. I would like to know the process or the finish that can be applied to keep the fresh sanded look. Mine always changes when exposed to light for any period of time. I’ve read the article (Reader’s Response) where a woodworker used Bullfrog to sustain color. I would appreciate any thoughts you or fellow woodworkers might have on this subject.

Michael Dresdner: Woods change color when exposed to sunlight, whether they are finished or not. If you can see through the finish, that means light got through and bounced back to your eyes. If light gets through, it will work its magic on the wood. “That said, there are some exterior clear coatings that contain UV blockers and absorbers, and these will say so right on the can. These exterior coatings are perfectly acceptable for interior finishing. As promised, they will delay the effects of the sun, but only for a while. Ultimately, the sun always wins. “By the way, any film forming finish will block the aroma of aromatic cedar, so if you like the smell, you might want to consider leaving the piece in the raw. If the smell starts to wane, a very light sanding will rejuvenate it.

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