Getting Straight Cuts With A Jig Saw

Whenever I use the jig saw I find it difficult to keep the blade cutting ninety degrees to the base. The blade always seems to deflect. Is it the saw, my technique, or the blade? It is a Quantum saw, I have tried various blades but none work like I would like them to.

Michael Dresdner: Could be any of the three. One way to test it is to set a heavy-duty wide blade into the saw (these blades, being more massive, deflect less), then check the angle between the blade and the base. Check it both at the top of its stroke, and at the bottom, to see if it is running true. (Naturally, do this with the tool off, and unplugged.) If the tool and blade read true, there is a good chance the problem lies with you.

Ellis Walentine: All of the above may be at fault. Some blades are more flexible than others, although this is probably the least likely explanation. Other blades may be cheaply made and lead one way or the other because of uneven set to the teeth. More likely it is a combination of your technique and the saw you are using. It’s important to develop a sense of touch with your saw so that you are not inadvertently bending the blade as you track around curves. Also if the saw has loose bearings and/or missing or inadequate blade guides, it will allow the blade to wander more than a tighter saw would.

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