Left Tilt Safety

I make boxes and the strength, horsepower, and the sliding table of the JET Super Saw has great appeal. I use mitered corners on my boxes and I noticed that the saw has a left-tilt blade. Does it work well? Is it dangerous? The thought of the blade tilting toward my hand as I push the table forward makes me a little concerned.

Michael Dresdner: They work great, and personally, as a right-hander, I prefer a left-tilt saw, since it is both easier and safer to run angles off the fence. Your hand should be nowhere near the blade when you are using the sliding table (there are clamps for holding the wood if need be.) That said, table saws are inherently dangerous, and you should never do anything with any tool until you are absolutely confident that you can do it safely. It sounds as if you should spring for a refresher course in table saw use and safety before you spring for that saw.

Rob Johnstone:¬†Just to add to Michael’s call to safety: confidence and caution are the best safety features around, but do not overlook proper guards and use of push sticks.

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