Mimosa Wood

What kind of wood is mimosa trees? Is it good for woodworking?

Chris Marshall: I’m not familiar with mimosa trees. I’ve only heard of it described as a smaller herb or shrub. Oh, and then there’s the fruity cocktail – but that’s the stuff of fancy breakfasts and not shop talk. Maybe another eZine reader can offer some input here.

Joanna Werch Takes: According to Wikipedia and eHow, Mimosa tenuiflora is a perennial evergreen or shrub native to South and Central America with fern-like leaves. It has a high (16 percent) tannin content and is used for fuel, fences and posts, bridges and wheels, since the high concentration of tannin helps it to resist rot. The wood is also sometimes used to add roughage to fodder for domesticated animals, but in North America, it is generally considered an ornamental tree.

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