Mount Heavy-Duty Plunge Router

I have a Craftsman 3.5 hp heavy-duty plunge router that I would like to mount to the router table I recently made. Should I plan to remove the plunge base before mounting it to the table?

Rob Johnstone: I don’t know which model of router you own, but if there is an additional fixed base that you could buy for it, that would really be your best solution. Then, you would just mount it to the router table and leave it there. When you need a plunge router, just take the router body from the table put it back in the plunge base and rout like crazy (and vise versa). Disabling the plunge setup on your router may be a bit tricky and might be hard to reverse. I would be very careful about taking that route. There are tons of plunge routers mounted to router tables. The plunge aspect does make them a bit tougher to adjust & but you can do it.

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