Odd-Size Band Saw Blades?

I have an older model band saw that was given to me from a friend. My friend doesn’t know much about it as it was his father’s and his father has passed away. My question is in regards to band saw sizes. It’s a 14″ free-standing floor model. From what I can gather, most 14″ band saws utilize a 93″ inch blade. Apparently not this one. After several attempts to mount the blade onto the wheels, it became obvious that the only way to get even close to the right amount of tension was to max out the tensioning knob. When it is maxed out the top wheel contacts the top of the protective metal covers. I have measured the blade that it came with and found it to be a full 1″ inch shy of 93″. I have looked in the Grizzly catalog and a few others only to find that the sizes jump from 85″ to 93″. Do they make a 92 inch band saw blade? If not, would it be possible to take a 93″ blade to a welder and have it cut, shortened, welded back together with the weld filed down smooth so as not to interfere with the band saw operation? Your help on this would be greatly appreciated as I have many projects on hold due to this snafu.

Rob Johnstone: No problem, most saw sharpening shops have big rolls of band saw blade material just waiting to be cut and welded to size (just about any size!). It is just recently that band saw blades were marketed to pre-made sizes (okay … 40 years or so). My father’s cabinet shop had a big old “bicycle wheel” band saw that had huge saw blades that we had made quite often. Look up saw sharpening services in the Yellow Pages and give a few shops a call. They will take care of you, and you will take care of them.

Michael Dresdner: All band saw manufacturers will make custom sized blades. While it may be slightly more expensive, and more annoying, than being able to buy standard, off-the-shelf blades, it is not that big a deal. If it is any consolation, you are in good company. My 20″ band saw also takes an odd size blade, and I have all mine made up to fit.

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