Portable Table Saw Scoring Wood

Last winter I purchased a Bosch portable table saw, and after some use, the aluminum surface of the table began to develop metal burrs that score the wood. I have been staying ahead of it by lightly sanding with 400 grit paper occasionally, but that can’t continue. The table originally came with a thin plastic coating that wore off. Is there something slippery you could recommend to coat the aluminum surface that would put a stop to this? I have a similar problem on my 6″ Delta jointer.

Cal Brodie: I’m having difficulty believing that wood is scoring aluminum enough to create burrs. Is it possible that the burrs are being created by using the table saw as a work surface? If so, that is a practice you want to stop. Create a one or two piece cover out of cardboard or some other material to put on your saw top when you’re not sawing. A two piece cover allows you to leave the fence on.

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