Router Bit Removal Difficulties

Q: I have a router that requires two wrenches to remove a bit. My other new Sears router has a spring-loaded shaft lock button and needs only one wrench. The problem is it takes one hand to push and hold the shaft lock, one to hold down the router and one to use the wrench. I only have two of the required three hands, so I put the router in a vise. Any suggestions? This is so flustering I have considered “brushing” (throwing it in the brush pile) this router and buying a better design.

Chris Marshall: Sounds like you’ve got a router with a design challenge there! Not all spindle locks are as difficult to work with two hands, but I’ve had to deal with some tough ones myself. If a two-wrench design works better for you, stick with that instead. A feature is only a convenience if it does right by you. Many new routers still have two-wrench collet designs.

Rob Johnstone: Sometimes you can push in the shaft lock button, start to apply a bit of rotational pressure to the shaft using the wrench and, at that point in time, you can take your finger off of the shaft lock button and the lock will remain engaged. I hope that works for you. But if you are still determined to “brush” your router — I’ve got a really great brush pile right behind my workshop. It’s just a suggestion….

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