Saving Rotted Spalted Wood

I recently came into some spalted maple, but the wood may be too rotted to use. Is there a way to save it?

Carol Reed: Depends on how far gone it is. Soaked in CA (cyanoacrylate) glue (read: very expensive) would help. If you think it may be too rotted, it probably is.

Michael Dresdner:┬áThere are several commercial treatments sold for impregnating spongy wood, such as your spalted maple. Some, like Polycryl, are one-part waterbased solutions. Others, such as System Three’s EndRot kit, are multi-part and epoxy-based. The EndRot kit goes much further. Not only does it fortify the wood; it also halts the rotting process in cases where that is an issue. It is usually not with spalted wood, which stops spalting once it is dry.

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