Steel City Tools Closes Up Shop

Steel City Tools Closes Up Shop

According to industry insiders, power tool manufacturer Steel City Tool Works has closed its doors and sold its remaining inventory to a Canadian firm.

Steel City has manufactured a broad line of stationary and benchtop woodworking tools, with innovations like granite work surfaces, for many years.

Although the Canadian company may restart the brand in the future, no certainty or timeframe has been reported to us. The voicemail message on Steel City’s toll-free line is now directing customer tool inquiries or service issues back to the distributors from which their tools were purchased. It also announces that Tuesday, March 31, was the company’s last day of business.

Axiom Precision, a CNC-focused tool company that displayed with Steel City at the IWF show in Atlanta last summer is moving forward and has no affiliation with Steel City Tool Works at this time.

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  • plusaf

    They WERE kind of pricey before… will they be cheaper in loonies?

  • schwa6970

    Given the quality of construction of the planer I very briefly had of theirs it is no surprise. I am very surprised they lasted this long.

  • Oscar Kramer

    Does anyone know the name of the Canadian company that purchased SCTW’s inventory? I need a part for my bandsaw!

  • Oscar Kramer

    located the company in Canada, Nordis, who purchased all the
    inventory. There is a gentleman there, Terry Ross (877-724-8665), who
    can sell you parts for Steel City tools. I just purchased a pair of
    trunnions for my bandsaw’s granite table.

    • Phil Yeager

      I need tech support on the 25200 bench mortiser. The gear rod is protruding about 1/4″ too far out and disengaging the handle joint. I can’t find any way to adjust this. Hope he can help with that.

      • Anton La Vey

        Hey Phil, did you try calling the number that Oscar posted?
        (877) 724-8665, Terry is a great guy who will go out of his way to help with Steel City products. Give him a call today

  • Sherman Anderson

    I’m surprised at this news. I have followed SCT since their start in Murfreesboro, TN their move to Hayward, CA then their launch of the Blue Line tools then their return to TN and their connection to Home Depot. In spring 2014 I sold my 10″ Skil band saw and I bought a SCT 10″ through HD. This all steel unit sure impressed me and I thought these folks would be in the industry to stay. Their demise is similar to the CNN report today of the shrunken KMart. I’m not gonna’ be a fool to get nosy about SCT. l’ll just say thanks for trying to make a difference, I am sorry it didn’t work for you.