Stuck Latch Pin Handle

I have a Craftsman 10″ Radial Arm Saw, Model 113-23100, purchased between 1977-1978. I am unable to unlock the Latch Pin Handle to rotate the power unit to cut bevels at say … 45 degrees. All information depicts lifting up on the Latch Pin Handle, depressing the spring above it, and allowing the pin to retract from the bevel handle housing. The Latch Pin Handle, however, doesn’t release. It feels as though there is another lock in place. I tried penetrating oil in the event the pin had corroded and simply stuck in its’ housing. No luck. More recent models have additional locking mechanisms, but they are fairly obvious. Sears has not been of any help so far. Any suggestions?

Rob Johnstone: I have a couple of ideas. First, I would go on a couple of online forums or message boards. Ask your question and describe your saw with the model number, etc. There may be some folks that have the exact saw and can help you. Second, Sears does have repair centers in most large towns. They should be able to figure it out eventually. But first I would just saturate the area with a product like WD40 and tap it gently with dead blow hammer (gently!). If that does not work, resist the urge to get a bigger hammer!

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